False Friends III


  1. Don’t sir me.
  2. We eat what we can and what we can’t we can.
  3. His cavalier attitude towards women is abominable.
  4. The session ran well into the afternoon.
  5. The cat jumped into the well.
  6. You can come any day you want.
  7. Mr Smith had an iron will and learned to walk again.
  8. Without the will to win, the team won’t go far.
  9. I really should make a will, just in case something happens.
  10. Ed’s father didn’t leave him anything in his will.
  11. The higher the temperature, the higher the pressure.
  12. The more, the merrier.
  13. They want to start a family soon.
  14. She works for a well-known magazine.
  15. Tom ordered a cheese sandwich.
  16. I was busy doing housework when the doorbell rang.
  17. A lonely child sometimes creates an imaginary friend to play with.
  18. The Equator is just an imaginary line.
  19. He was more imaginative than most history teachers.
  20. They suggested some very imaginative ways of reducing costs.
  21. 21 Things You’ll Always Long For
  22. Don’t worry. Tom won’t be long.
  23. I think Jody’s in her late twenties.
  24. She hasn’t been looking too well lately.
  25. She gave her late husband’s clothes to charity.
  26. They met secretly in the conservatory.
  27. There were a lot of exotic plants in the conservatory.
  28. The duty on petrol has been raised.
  29. He walked through customs.
  30. His grandmother lives in the country.
  31. Unlike acid rain or deforestation, global warming has no visible manifestation.
  32. The demonstrations were a manifestation of the people’s discontent.
  33. They held a rally outside the town hall.
  34. She spread marmalade on her toast.
  35. It seems to me his favourite occupation is eating.
  36. The new homes will be ready for occupation in August.
  37. The protesters voted to continue their occupation of the building.
  38. Please give your name, address, and occupation.
  39. The Prime Minister was quick to claim the credit for abolishing the tax.
  40. He is credited with painting one hundred and twenty-five canvases.
  41. His name wasn’t mentioned in the closing credits.
  42. He is a credit to our school.
  43. Homemade salad dressing is simple to make and comes together in minutes.
  44. His work primarily involved dressings and bloodletting.
  45. As a consultant physician I work a basic 48- hour week.
  46. Could you give me the receipt, please?
  47. Could you give me the recipe, please?
  48. Both countries called for the peaceful resolution of the border dispute.
  49. Diplomats are hoping for a speedy resolution to the crisis.
  50. Make a resolution to go to the gym once a week.
  51. She tried to use a sympathetic tone of voice.
  52. Jill was a sympathetic listener.
  53. Take/bring/fetch the child.
  54. The incident affected the ultimate outcome of the war.
  55. Ultimately, he’ll have to decide.
  56. You might as well take your father’s car – there’s no point in having it sit there unused in the garage.
  57. Firefighters battled to control a blaze at a disused warehouse.
  58. I had no option but to pretend ignorance.
  59. I pretend that things are really okay when they’re not.
  60. The children pretend to be different animals dancing to the music.
  61. The government abandoned any pretence of reform.
  62. She made absolutely no pretence of being interested.
  63. I soon realized my mistake.
  64. This victory is the realization of our dreams.
  65. Then came the sudden realization that he was in love with her.
  66. Senior vice presidents report directly to the chief executive officer.
  67. Two uniformed officers arrived on the scene quickly.
  68. We elect the club’s officers at the first meeting of each year.
  69. The prime minister has spent the day canvassing in Doncaster.
  70. He has a closet full of designer suits.
  71. His brother is a closet smoker.
  72. He was closeted with the king.
  73. She kept putting off the date.
  74. Only a specialist can date those rocks.
  75. “Don’t worry. The police will eventually catch him.” “I know they will. But eventually is a very long time.”
  76. Although she had been ill for a long time, it still came as a shock when she eventually died.
  77. Her parents eventually relented and let her go to the party.
  78. Work has begun on the construction of the new faculty building.
  79. How can faculty improve their teaching so as to encourage creativity?
  80. Even though she is 102, she still has all of her faculties.
  81. She has a faculty for inspiring confidence in people.
  82. Has he ever worked hard? – He hardly ever works.
  83. The government is promising a formal investigation.
  84. We intend to make a formal written complaint.
  85. When we first met, he was a little stiff and formal.
  86. She’s got a lot of experience but no formal qualifications.
  87. Don’t be too familiar with the customers.
  88. His voice sounded familiar.
  89. People are more relaxed in familiar surroundings.
  90. He is not familiar with the customs of the country.
  91. The medical council disqualified him for infamous misconduct.
  92. Since it was raining, the kids had recess in the gymnasium.
  93. The kitchen had a homely atmosphere.
  94. Mrs Jones was a pleasant, homely person with a ready smile.
  95. Brad was a serious boy, very ordinary-looking but not downright homely.
  96. Pierce lost to the eventual winner of the tournament.
  97. It is impossible to predict the eventual outcome of the negotiations.
  98. The eventual design was a great improvement on the one we originally considered.
  99. His mistakes led to his eventual dismissal.
  100. Your help made a big difference.
  101. It may not matter to you, but it makes a world of difference to me.
  102. She says that she got into politics because she wanted to make a difference.
  103. I could never tell the difference between him and his younger brother.
  104. She found the business world very different from academia.
  105. The meeting was chaired by a leading Japanese academic.
  106. It was only with the revolutionary party that he was in full accord.
  107. The opening chords of the Symphony were magnificent.
  108. The actual situation was quite different.
  109. The actual number of people killed is not yet known.
  110. We don’t know her actual date of birth.
  111. The play is based on actual events.
  112. It looks like Jamie has left for good this time.
  113. He was an untiring advocate of economic reform.
  114. Voters supported candidates who advocated an Assembly.
  115. He advocates the return of capital punishment.
  116. I hadn’t seen him for 25 years. Still, I recognized him immediately when I saw him.
  117. Even though she doesn’t really have the time, she still offered to help.
  118. Her quiet words stilled the animal.
  119. His father is a famous collector of Dutch and Flemish still lifes.
  120. Still waters run deep.
  121. Still more snow fell overnight.
  122. He has yet to learn.
  123. He loves tea as well as coffee.
  124. She has invited Jill as well as Kate.
  125. I might as well have a look.
  126. She sounds alternately confused and confident.
  127. His brother is an aspirant politician.
  128. The aspirant actress worked as a waitress to pay her bills.
  129. The library is open to the public.
  130. The river burst its bank.
  131. The new department head proved very difficult to manage.
  132. Willows lined the bank of the stream.
  133. Thousands of jobs are in jeopardy.
  134. Since it was Monday, we had to get up quite early.
  135. They had to leave, for it was well past midnight.
  136. I told her to leave, for I was very tired.
  137. If it wasn’t for the life jacket, I would have drowned.
  138. I didn’t say anything for fear of offending him.
  139. For all her qualifications, she’s still useless at the job.
  140. “How many people should I invite to the party?” “It’s not really for me to say.”
  141. She remained silent, for her heart was heavy and her spirits low.We’re going to break for lunch very shortly.
  142. Police arrived at the scene shortly after midnight.
  143. Excuse me a moment, I’ll be with you shortly.
  144. In accordance with his practice of good husbandry, he never buys anything on credit.
  145. He gave a lecture on crop and animal husbandry.
  146. The Gherkin tower has flat diamond-shaped windows.
  147. They used it to further their nascent careers.
  148. The film lends itself for an experience full of adventure.
  149. Maths is not my best subject.
  150. I’ve said all there is to be said on the subject.
  151. He was subject to bouts of manic depression.
  152. The proposed merger is subject to the approval of the shareholders.
  153. The legislation is applicable only to British subjects.
  154. The city had been subjected to Macedonian rule.
  155. The scheme is dependent on goodwill between the two sides.
  156. The company’s assets are worth £200 million, plus goodwill.
  157. He hid the money in the cabinet.
  158. There is a built-in cabinet in the hallway.
  159. You will find the aspiring in the medicine cabinet.
  160. My room was a mess and my parents were cross.
  161. We don’t have much room in our house.
  162. Many of Dickens’s characters are grotesque.
  163. Runes are characters in the ancient Germanic script.
  164. You ought to address your questions to the chair.
  165. He is the best chef this hotel has ever had.
  166. We all joined in the chorus of the song.
  167. Civil engineering is a difficult discipline.
  168. He is a pilot in the civil aviation.
  169. I know you don’t like Phil, but try to be civil.
  170. As deputy he had no vote, and he naturally took little share in the debates, but it was part of his duty to send written reports of the proceedings to his patron, since the government, with a well-grounded fear of all that might stir popular feeling, refused to allow any published reports.
  171. Diet varies between different countries in the world.
  172. He kept the fast for a week.
  173. He skinned his knees climbing down the tree.
  174. We learned how to trap and skin a rabbit.
  175. You’ll need four ripe tomatoes, skinned and chopped.
  176. He expects me to save his hide every time he messes up.
  177. The inventory of his personal effects didn’t contain any jewellery.
  178. Sir Henry can’t be very long now.
  179. It is illegal to harbour a fugitive.
  180. The water came from a natural hot spring.
  181. Cheaper mattresses have springs that link together.
  182. He walked with a spring in his step, excited to meet her.
  183. The boys were approaching rapidly, marching in step.
  184. They set off along the beach in formation.
  185. As they were sitting down, the circle became a horseshoe.
  186. ‘Let’s get going,’ my father cried, springing into action.
  187. This boat will surely spring a leak.
  188. He really enjoyed cross-country skiing.
  189. At length, save for the occasional rustle, the hut was silent, and most of the boys were asleep.
  190. The friars walk with the trousers visible under their well-cut habits.
  191. They were just bystanders to the argument, and were not invested in which side won.
  192. The crossing was long and he soon realized that he was prone to suffering from cabin fever. His friend, too, seemed to be going stir-crazy.
  193. He went on to join the faculty of Boston uni.
  194. Why learn anything save pressing buttons, pulling switches, fitting nuts and bolts?

Garden path sentences:

  1. Fat people eat accumulates.
  2. Mary gave the child the dog bit a band aid.
  3. I convinced her children are noisy.
  4. That Jill is never here hurts.
  5. The old man the boat.
  6. The complex houses married and single soldiers and their families.