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About me:

Hello, my name is Nellie, and I am a language aficionado, teacher and translator, and I have been fascinated with language ever since I remember.

My qualifications

I first did a Bulgarian and English language course at the Teacher Training College in Smolyan and, three years and two children later, in 1996, I graduated, having fallen in love with what was to become not just a day-job, but a vocation.

Another three years (and an additional child) later I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Bulgarian and English language and literature form Plovdiv University.

What followed was a master’s degree course in Translation Studies at Veliko Tarnovo University and almost immediately after that (since I had by then developed a passion for using technology in my teaching) another master’s degree course in e-learning at Sofia University.

I was fortunate то have had amazing teachers who taught with supreme skill and contagious passion. They are still an inspiration to me and a constant reminder that I should always strive to be the teacher my students deserve.

My professional background

Since I started in 1996, I have taught English to various age groups (from preschoolers to university students) at various levels: from courses in general English to exam preparation (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, ACT), courses in English for special purposes (including technology, computing, engineering, law enforcement, and economics), both in formal and informal settings.

My professional credo

It is my deep conviction that teaching, especially nowadays (however trite it might sound), is more about equipping students with the skill set that will enable them to become autonomous life-long learners, rather than assuming the attitude of an omniscient fountain of knowledge (thus becoming not only utterly ridiculous, but also almost completely inefficient).

The teacher’s job is to facilitate discovery and learning, to channel the students’ natural curiosity, and to nurture their motivation – not by providing easy answers, but by guiding and scaffolding, and by gradually making themselves unnecessary.

I can be of help with:

Оne-on-one tutoring in English including:

  • remedial English lessons
  • English for special, academic, and professional purposes
  • exam and interview preparation
  • online tutoring

One-on-one tutoring in Bulgarian for foreigners, including:

  • Bulgarian for complete beginners
  • Bulgarian for intermediate and advanced learners


  • English to Bulgarian
  • Bulgarian to English

Consecutive interpretation:

  • business meetings
  • negotiations
  • conferences

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.